Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading

Volume 82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Domenico Asprone, Fabio Iucolano, Ezio Cadoni, Andrea Prota

Abstract: Fiber reinforced inorganic materials, such as concrete or mortars, are expected to present good mechanical properties in case of high...

Authors: Isabella Colombo, Matteo Colombo, Anna Magri, Giulio Zani, Marco di Prisco

Abstract: Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) is a composite made by fine grained matrix and glass fabric reinforcement. The main advantages of this...

Authors: Vladimir Bratov, Yuri V. Petrov, Grigory Volkov

Abstract: It is demonstrated that energy input for fracture in many industrial processes can be optimised so that the energy cost of the process is...

Authors: Karl Micallef, Arash Soleiman-Fallah, Paul T. Curtis, Daniel J. Pope, Luke A. Louca

Abstract: Hyperbolic partial differential equations with one space variable are used to investigate the longitudinal wave propagation through an...

Authors: Alessio Caverzan, Ezio Cadoni, Marco di Prisco

Abstract: The promise of bre reinforced cementitious composites for dynamic loading ap-plication stems from their observed good response under static...

Authors: Takashi Fukuda, Shotaro Sanuki, Masaki Miyakawa, Kazunori Fujikake

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the dynamic shear failure behavior of RC beams under rapid loading through an experimental study....

Authors: Sara Ghadimi Khasraghy, Christina Röthlin, Thomas Vogel

Abstract: Mountainous areas of Switzerland are exposed to complex natural conditions, which combined with climate changes cause a variety of natural...

Authors: Masuhiro Beppu, Charles Abadie, Jun Takahashi, Atsuhisa Ogawa

Abstract: This study presents the effects of short fiber reinforcement on the local damage of concrete plates subjected to high velocity impact. In a...

Authors: Masato Komuro, Norimitsu Kishi, Yusuke Kurihashi, Wai Fah Chen

Abstract: In order to improve our basic understanding of the impact-resistant behavior of steelstructures, three-dimensional elasto-plastic FE...

Authors: Keiichi Goto, Masamichi Sogabe, Kiyoshi Asanuma

Abstract: This paper describes the static and the impact experiments using a wheel shaped contact shoe and prestressed concrete sleepers (PC sleeper)...


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