Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading

Volume 82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hiroki Tamai, Yoshimi Sonoda

Abstract: We have tried to develop the simple FE analysis method based on continuum damage mechanics to quantitatively evaluate the impact behaviour...

Authors: Mehrdad Sasani, Ali Kazemi-Moghaddam

Abstract: Experimental and analytical studies are carried out to evaluate the response of an actual reinforced concrete structure following severe...

Authors: Yoshimi Sonoda, Shoichirou Tokumaru, Jin Fukazawa

Abstract: This paper proposes an analysis algorithm that can appropriately distinguish shear failure from bending failure of an RC beam under impact...

Authors: Martina Scapin, Lorenzo Peroni, Alessandro Dallocchio, Alessandro Bertarelli

Abstract: In this work, the numerical simulations of the LHC high energy particle beam impact against a metal structure are performed using the...

Authors: Daigoro Isobe, Thi Thai Thanh Le

Abstract: In this paper, progressive collapse analyses were performed on a 30-story, seven-span tower that was exposed to fire. The Adaptively Shifted...

Authors: Mohammed Ali Morovat, Michael D. Engelhardt, Eric M. Taleff, Todd Helwig

Abstract: One of the critical factors affecting the strength of steel columns at elevated temperatures is the influence of material creep. Under fire...

Authors: Young Jae Lee, Heung Youl Kim

Abstract: Composite Truss has several benefits such as rapid construction and low span/depth ratio and is a competitive structure shape of span length...

Authors: Alexandra Byström, Ulf Wickström, Milan Veljkovic

Abstract: The concept of Adiabatic Surface Temperature (AST) opens possibilities to calculate heat transfer to a solid surface based on one...

Authors: Emidio Nigro, Anna Ferraro, Giuseppe Cefarelli

Abstract: Fire Safety Engineering can be defined as a multi-discipline based on the application of scientific and engineering principles to the...

Authors: Marco Paggi, Giuseppe Ferro, Franco Braga

Abstract: The phenomenon of interface crack propagation in concrete gravity dams underseismic loading is herein addressed. This problem is...


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