Performance, Protection and Strengthening of Structures under Extreme Loading

Volume 82

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Matteo Colombo, Paolo Martinelli

Abstract: This work presents simplified models, in the form of single degree of freedom (SDOF)elasto-plastic systems, for the dynamic analysis of...

Authors: Yoshimi Sonoda, Yoshihiro Hata, Kazuki Fukunaga

Abstract: In Japan, there are many steep mountainous areas and we have local severe rain in the season, thus rock-fall accidents occur in mountain...

Authors: Pamela Bonalumi, Matteo Colombo, Marco di Prisco

Abstract: Blast tests on a full-scale concrete pipe embedded in soft soil were carried out to evaluate the behavior of the soil-structure system under...

Authors: Jing De Li, Hong Yuan Zhou, Guo Wei Ma

Abstract: In the present study, numerical simulation is performed by using the commercial software ANSYS/LS-DYNA to investigate the various effects on...

Authors: Geneive Langdon, Gerald Nurick, Neil Du Plessis, Ian Rossiter

Abstract: Tunnels are vulnerable to devastating explosions, due to the concentration of explosive energy that would be many times greater than in an...

Authors: David Hadden, Roger Cleave, Kai Fischer

Abstract: Exterior wall infill panels of non-loadbearing masonry, often with window openings, are commonly used in buildings around the world. While...

Authors: Thomas J. Mander, Zachery I. Smith

Abstract: Based on Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) requirements, project specific blast loads are determined for the design of a new airport traffic...

Authors: Domenico Asprone, Fatemeh Jalayer, Andrea Prota, Gaetano Manfredi

Abstract: Extreme loading conditions such as man-made malicious actions, fires or natural events could induce local failure mechanisms (e.g., a loss...

Authors: Martien Teich, Norbert Gebbeken, Martin Larcher

Abstract: This paper analyses the e ects of air-structure interaction of systems subjectedto weak blast loads. While these coupling e ects are...

Authors: Azrul A. Mutalib, Hong Hao

Abstract: In this paper, the effectiveness of strengthening reinforced concrete (RC) walls with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bonded to RC wall with...


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