Validation Task for Solution of Optimal Slotted Flap Position Using Fluent Software


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CFD solvers are commonly used in optimization problems in aerodynamics. Typical task is the search for optimal position of slotted flap. On the example is shown that the optimum predicted by CFD software can differ significantly from that found in the wind tunnel. Then the focus is on the optimal position of slotted flaps. It was examined with ANSYS Fluent CFD code with both 2D and 3D structured meshes and three different models of turbulence. Results from CFD and those of wind tunnel were compared with relevant disagreement found. Possible sources of the error are discussed and topics for further investigation in this field are suggested in conclusion.



Edited by:

Cyril Fischer




P. Doupník and T. Koutník, "Validation Task for Solution of Optimal Slotted Flap Position Using Fluent Software", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 821, pp. 10-15, 2016

Online since:

January 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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