Deformation Behaviour of Gellan Gum Based Scaffold Subjected to Compression Loading


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This work presents deformation behaviour of gellan gum and gellan gum - bioactive glass composites as novel hydrophilic materials for production of scaffolds in the field of bone-tissue engineering. According to recent studies such materials are attractive for personalized design of implants thanks to their biocompatibility and wide range of available fabrication methods. Batch of samples was subjected to uni-axial compression loading in a custom designed loading device to obtain their elastic and plastic characteristics. However the testing procedure was challenging because of very low stiffness of the material acquired results show a significant reinforcement effect of bioactive glass and its influence to the elastic modulus.



Edited by:

Cyril Fischer




D. Kytyr et al., "Deformation Behaviour of Gellan Gum Based Scaffold Subjected to Compression Loading", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 821, pp. 665-670, 2016

Online since:

January 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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