Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering

Volume 829

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Faisal Salah, K.K. Viswanathan, Z.A. Aziz

Abstract: The effects of stimulated g-jitter which come together with heat and mass transfer by mixed convection in microgravity situation on MHD flow...

Authors: Dutta Pracheta, Acharya Anup, Alam Shahriar, Rahman Bakaul Saifur

Abstract: This computational study is aimed at studying the effects of flap deflection angle on aerodynamic coefficients of NACA 2412 airfoil and thus...

Authors: Christina G. Georgantopoulou, Feras Abbas Ali, Nikolaos S. Vasilikos, George A. Georgantopoulos

Abstract: The oil transportation among the Middle East Countries and especially in Bahrain is extended and demands high performance and quality,...

Authors: Mahdi Torabi Asr, Reza Osloob, Faizal Mustapha

Abstract: H-Darrieus wind turbines, due to their simple design and relatively low manufacturing costs have recently received much attention...

Authors: Lung Ming Fu, Wen Teng Wang, Chia Yen Lee

Abstract: A novel micropump is proposed comprising a PMMA-based rotor, a circular PDMS micro-chamber, and a semi-circular PDMS microchannel connecting...

Authors: Xin Wei Wang, Ai Min Wang, Xiao Long Wang

Abstract: In rotary ultrasonic machining (RUM), the traditional power transfer method was achieved by slip ring that cannot cope with high-speed...

Authors: Amit S. Shedbale, A.K. Sharma, Indra Vir Singh, B.K. Mishra

Abstract: In this work, 2-D/3-D forming problems (extrusion and deep drawing) are numerically simulated by extended finite element method (XFEM). The...

Authors: Rui Ma, Yu Ting Wu, Chun Xu Du, Xia Chen, De Lou Zhang, Chong Fang Ma

Abstract: Vapour compression heat pump will have good prospects in future large-scale spacecraft thermal control technology. Its environmental...

Authors: Jin Yang Chu, Jian Xing Mao

Abstract: In this paper, the low cycle fatigue crack initiation life was regarded as a process of damage accumulation and a damage accumulation model...


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