Influence of Argon-Nitrogen Gas to Balance the Microstructure in the Welding of Super Duplex Stainless Steel


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Super duplex stainless steel is steel that has a corrosion resistance and good mechanical strength so that used in industry especially in oil and gas and petrochemical industry. In use in the field is often used for the connection process by welding methods. To produce good welds, it should be noted that the welding procedures and parameters used , especially the heat input. In this study is used the heat input variables shielding gas composition to determine how much influence on the balance of ferrite - austenite phase structure in the weld stainless steels SAF 2507 super duplex with tungsten inert gas welding method (TIG). Heat input varied by applying different welding speed 1,3,4 and 5 mm /sec while the shielding gas is used 100 % argon, 98 % argon + 2 % nitrogen and 95 % argon + 5 % nitrogen. The result showed that at different welding speeds generated depth and width of the weld metal which is different. Likewise the use of protective gas will produce a different ratio wide and deep of weld metal which is different. By using protective gas 95 % argon + 5 % nitrogen squeak - ausenit phase, resulting in weld metal that is relatively balanced than others. On a slow welding in addition to produce a large heat input also produces weld metal hardness at high and affect the growth of the austenite phase. The higher the heat input ( 2,280 kJ / mm ) , the lower the austenite phase in the weld metal.



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Prof. Sutardi, Bambang Pramujati, Prof. Rickey Dubay, Mamoun Abu-Ayyad, Prof. Lai, Jiing-Yih




Suheni, "Influence of Argon-Nitrogen Gas to Balance the Microstructure in the Welding of Super Duplex Stainless Steel", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 836, pp. 165-172, 2016

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June 2016





* - Corresponding Author

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