Design of Material Electrostatic Test Platform


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The electrostatic charge accumulates on the surface of the aerial vehicle when flying. And the electrostatic discharge would impact the aerial vehicle and the airborne equipment enormously. In order to study the triboelectrifiction of the aerial vehicle skin material and space particle, the triboelectrifiction principle of the skin material is analyzed, and aerial vehicle skin material triboelectrifiction experimental platform has been designed. Lots of troubles are overcome like the relatively high speed of aerial vehicle and space particles, required high bleeder resistance for analog devices, and testing problem of friction potential. The rotary friction method, composite insulating layer, contact electrostatic potential test method are adopted for the experimental platform. And aerial vehicle skin material has been tested using the test platform. From the experimental results, the friction contact time, the separation process, and the contact area are analyzed. So the material electrostatic test platform can be used as material electrostatic charge experimental research equipment.



Edited by:

Aimin Yang, Jingguo Qu and Xilong Qu






H. Z. Zheng et al., "Design of Material Electrostatic Test Platform", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 84-85, pp. 321-325, 2011

Online since:

August 2011




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