A New Type of Pig Handling Trolley


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The Pig is an important tool during the process of oil-gas pipeline’s production, replacement, daily operation and management. Its outer diameter is 2% to 5% larger than the inner diameter of pipelines. It stays a clamping state in the pipelines. The fluid pressure difference before and after the Pig push it from the beginning to the end of the pipelines in order to clear all kinds of impurities in the pipelines and detect the internal and external wall corrosion status of the pipelines or achieve other goals. But during the cleaning-up operation, it is difficult for the Pig to get in and out of the pipelines because of its heavy weight. So a Pig and Pigging ball handling trolley is designed in this paper to push and pull the Pig or Pigging ball to get in and out of the Pig launcher & receiver device. This handling trolley will mechanize the Pigging operations, reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency.



Edited by:

Aimin Yang, Jingguo Qu and Xilong Qu




B. Wang et al., "A New Type of Pig Handling Trolley", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 84-85, pp. 347-351, 2011

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August 2011




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