Finite Element Thermo Analysis of Friction Material Enhanced by Bamboo Fiber


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The manufacturing engineering of bamboo fiber reinforced friction material was introduced in this paper. ANSYS was used to do adaptive meshing and establish the contact, impose constraints load and solve, then the temperature field of bamboo fiber reinforced friction material was obtained. The results showed that under the coupling effect of friction heat and pressure, Brake blocks and brake discs in the contact area showed local changes in temperature and stress characteristics. The thermal stress of coupled parts contact surface showed a inhomogeneous distribution. Contact pressure distribution and temperature distribution interact each other, the contact pressure distribution of the coupled parts affects the temperature distribution, and the local feature of temperature distribution of the coupled parts conversely affects the contact pressure distribution. It will provide an important theoretical basis for devising friction brake and selecting material of the friction pair.



Edited by:

Aimin Yang, Jingguo Qu and Xilong Qu






J. J. Sun et al., "Finite Element Thermo Analysis of Friction Material Enhanced by Bamboo Fiber", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 84-85, pp. 562-566, 2011

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August 2011




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