Mechatronics and Cyber-Mechatronics in Intelligent Applications from Industry and Society


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The scientific paper shows for the first time in Romania, the new concepts of the author in mechatronics development and micro and nano mechatronics as strategic research and development opportunities for the XXIst century, the integration between the physical and the virtual world and thus, forming of the Cybernetic Space, by fusion and fusing.In fact, computer systems and informatic systems are connected, by using the ubiquitous networking technologies (IT), together with the rapid progress of miniaturization, speed, power, and mobility of mechatronic and micronanomechatronic systems in a technical and technological space named "cyber space", which offers increased efficiency, higher productivity, superior safety and with functions that could not previously be performed.Thus, herein are presented applications of cyber-mechatronic and cyber-micro and nano mechatronic systems in industry and society in smart car fabrications, intelligent medical systems and so on, by tackling scientific and technical challenges, challenges of complex integration, interaction between people and systems and by dealing with uncertainty.



Edited by:

Prof. Adrian Olaru




G. Gheorghe et al., "Mechatronics and Cyber-Mechatronics in Intelligent Applications from Industry and Society", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 841, pp. 152-159, 2016

Online since:

June 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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