Dynamics and Control of Technical Systems II

Volume 849

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.849

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Authors: L. Pesaresi, L. Salles, R. Elliott, A. Jones, J.S. Green, C.W. Schwingshackl

Abstract: During operation mechanical structures can experience large vibration amplitudes. One of the challenges encountered in gas-turbine blade...

Authors: M.C. Pereira, H.I. Weber

Abstract: This article presents the study of a double pendulum system with distributed mass carrying an actuator at the joint between the two rods....

Authors: Vinícius Piccirillo, José M. Balthazar, Angelo Marcelo Tusset, Davide Bernardini, Giuseppe Rega

Abstract: The dynamic response of structures subjected to high-amplitude vibration is often dangerous and undesirable. Dynamic vibration absorbers...

Authors: N.P. Yaroshevich, I.P. Zabrodets, T.S. Yaroshevich

Abstract: Expressions for vibration moments (additional dynamic loading caused by the vibrations of bearing body) during the passage of resonant zone...

Authors: Diego Orlando, Paulo Batista Gonçalves, Stefano Lenci, Giuseppe Rega

Abstract: This paper investigates the nonlinear dynamics and stability of the shallow von Mises truss, which is a prototype for buckling analysis of...

Authors: Emil Manoach, Anna Warminska, Jerzy Warminski

Abstract: An effect of thermal loading on vibrations of beams is investigated in the paper. A beam is considered as an extended Timoshenko beam model...

Authors: Jorge Luiz Palacios Felix, Rafael P. Bianchin, Alan Almeida, José M. Balthazar, Rodrigo T. Rocha, Reyolando M.L.R.F. Brasil

Abstract: This paper presents an analytical and numerical analysis of vibration energy harvesting from the dynamic interaction and energy transfer...

Authors: Jiří Náprstek, Cyril Fischer

Abstract: The exact coincidence of external excitation and basic eigen-frequency of a single degree of freedom (SDOF) nonlinear system produces...

Authors: M. Ghandchi Tehrani, Marcos Silveira, José M. Balthazar

Abstract: In this paper, the dynamic behaviour of a macro-scale tuning fork gyroscope is presented. The gyroscope consists of two inverted pendulums...


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