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Authors: Mustafa Alper Akkaş
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:In the near future, WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) have grown from a theoretical concept to a burgeoning modern technology. In this paper,...
Authors: Bora Döken, Mesut Kartal
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:With the advancement in telecommunication in indoor environment, the use of wireless technology for information systems has drastically...
Authors: Özge Özdemir, İslam Kılıç, Ahmet Yazıcı, Kemal Özkan
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:An advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) is the premium technology for autonomous driving. It uses data from vision/camera systems, data...
Authors: Wen Zhi Zhu, Feng Xu
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:In wireless sensor networks, clustering class routing protocol is an important protocol type. Different clustering methods, and cluster head...
Authors: Sherif Agamy, Ahmed Sayed, Rafik Guindi
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:The increasing complexity of System on a Chip (SOC) using Network on a Chip (NoC) results in significant increases in traditional...
Authors: Nazif Cenk Tenğerli, Yaşar Becerikli
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:In the areas of surveillance and mobile communications, computer-aided evaluation of coverage area and measure of the field of sensors...
Authors: Sherif Moussa, Ghada Abdel Halim, Salah Ramadan
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:Routing the sensed data is considered a main challenge in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) because the routing characteristics may vary...
Authors: Oguz Demir, Cemile Duygu Ozturk, G. Yesa Altun, Abidin Taskiran, Gokhun Selcuk
Chapter 1: Wireless Technologies
Abstract:In this paper we investigate the lock time behavior of charge pump phase locked loops (CP-PLLs) which employ voltage controlled oscillators...
Authors: Dan Chen, Jian Ping Wan, Feng Yuan Yang, Peng Hui Yang, Yu Jian Qin
Chapter 2: Microwave Engineering and Antenna Design
Abstract:The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the whole system should be guaranteed to ensure the electronic and electrical equipments can work...
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