Advanced Materials, Structures and Mechanical Engineering II

Volume 851

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.G. Kovaleva, M.S. Prozorova, M.Yu. Arseenko, V.Yu. Novikov, V.V. Sirota

Abstract: Alumina-titania coatings are widely used in industry for wear, abrasion or corrosion protection components. This paper presents the results...

Authors: Nuchnapa Tangboriboon, Jularpar Suttiprapar

Abstract: Calcium hydroxyapatite made from duck eggshell react to phosphoric acid with the Ca/P mole ratio 1.67 and calcined at 800º, 900º, and 1000°C...

Authors: Nichakorn Boonpiphobanun, Pattareeya Damrongsak, Kitsakorn Locharoenrat

Abstract: We have reported on the fluorescence behaviors of Rhodamine 6G with the palladium-coat gold nanorods in dichlormethane solution and in...

Authors: Tarinee Nampitch, Thiti Kaisone, Pran Hanthanon, Chanon Wiphanurat

Abstract: The investigation focused on the properties of composite foam obtained by a compression molding method. The results could clarify the...

Authors: Chang Shu Tsai, Jou Kang Hsiao

Abstract: Citrate-coated gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) were prepared by using redox method and its characterization was studied thoroughly. In the...

Authors: Tarinee Nampitch, Chanon Wiphanurat, Thiti Kaisone, Pran Hanthanon

Abstract: This research attempted to prepare composite foams of PLA/bagasse fiber with various fiber content at 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 wt% and a fixed...

Authors: Tian Hao Wu, Xin Ye Li, Le Li

Abstract: Super capacitor, as a new type of power storage device, has been applied to various fields. This paper divides composite electrode materials...

Authors: Rattanasuda Supadanaison, Theerathawan Panklang, Chalit Wanichayanan, Warayut Srithongsuk, Jaturong Junrear, Pich Prakobkit, Tunyanop Nilkamjon, Thitipong Kruaehong, Piyamas Chainok, Pongkaew Udomsamuthirun

Abstract: We investigated some properties of Y134 superconductor doped Ti superconductor. The series of samples of Y134 doped Titanium...

Authors: Napaporn Sripawatakul, Rattanasuda Supadanaison, Theerathawan Panklang, Chalit Wanichayanan, Adullawich Kaewkao, Tunyanop Nilkamjon, Piyamas Chainok, Somporn Tiyasri, Wirat Wongphakdee, Thitipong Kruaehong, Pongkaew Udomsamuthirun

Abstract: In this paper . W e synthesized Y134 superconductor doped Ag2O by solid state reaction and...


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