Mechanical Engineering Design

Volume 852

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Harikrushna Dodiya, G. Venkatachalam

Abstract: In the recent scenario, the focus for the environmental pollution and the piling of products from non-renewable and non-biodegradable...

Authors: Sahas Bansal, M. Ramachandran, Pramod Raichurkar

Abstract: Green composites shaped by mixture of biodegradable polymers and natural fibers have spellbound massive interest in current years due to...

Authors: S. Vishvanathperumal, S. Gopalakannan

Abstract: Carbon black and silica have been used as the main reinforcing fillers that increase the usefulness of rubbers. In this work the effect of...

Authors: S. Subha, Battu Sai Krishna, Dalbir Singh, R. Gokulnath

Abstract: In this study, an attempt has made to explore the low-velocity impact response of a Carbon/epoxy laminate (CFRP) and E-Glass/epoxy laminates...

Authors: R. Panneerdhass, A. Gnanavelbabu, K. Rajkumar

Abstract: The need for eco-friendly materials and non-polluting processing techniques has made natural fibre reinforced polymer composites as...

Authors: K.T. Akhil, Solomon Blaise, George Davis, K. Shunmugesh, Cyriac Genuvin, Paul Bins

Abstract: This paper studies the mechanical properties of the aramid fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite by varying the percentage composition....

Authors: P. Sabarinathan, K. Rajkumar, A. Gnanavelbabu

Abstract: In this work agricultural wastages such as sugarcane leaves and almond shell particles were reused as reinforcement in polymer material....

Authors: G. Anand, R. Dhinakaran, R. Elansezhian, N. Alagumurthi

Abstract: In this paper, synthesis characterization and testing of hybrid polymer composite reinforced with electroless coated glass fiber is...

Authors: A. Praveen Kumar, M. Nalla Mohamed, K. Kurien Philips, J. Ashwin

Abstract: Increasing demand for special materials leads to new inventions. One of the most promising inventions is the concept of composites. Natural...


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