A Review on Developing Surface Composites Using Friction Surfacing


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Friction surfacing is an localized surface modification process of depositing consumable materials over substrate. FS, utilizes FSW technology allows joining of materials while avoiding the brittle intermetallic formations, involving temperatures below melting point and producing fine grained structure, results in exhibiting bond integrity and enhanced surface properties, reducing the costs associated with energy consumption and consumables. The process is used for corrosion and wear resistant coatings and for reclamation of worn engineering components and for coating components using dissimilar materials. This review presents the essentials of FS, parameters used, performance features of this technique. This describes the influence of the process parameters on surface properties of the surface composites produced and evaluated of the different materials. The FS is compared with other coating processes, and some of the applications are emphasized. The paper also discusses on few trails of FS made by the authors and the results of which is presented.



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Dr. M. Selvaraj, Dr. M. S. Alphin, Dr. M. Nalla Mohamed, Dr. G. Selvakumar




S. Mohanasundaram et al., "A Review on Developing Surface Composites Using Friction Surfacing", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 852, pp. 402-410, 2016

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September 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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