URU International Conference on Science and Technology 2016

Volume 855

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMM.855

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Authors: Charuwan Khamkaew, Sontaya Manaboot

Abstract: A simple, rapid, selective and sensitivity approach for the determination of Pb(II) in G. fisheri seaweed is described. The method is...

Authors: Nararat Thongsrinoon, Patcharida Naun-Ong, Yuwalita Ketyothin

Abstract: The main factors affecting ultrasonic extraction, such as extraction solvent, extraction temperature and extraction time were optimized for...

Authors: Wikorn Punyain

Abstract: 2-ethylhexyl 2-hydroxybenzoate (octisalate) is one of organic compounds containing in sunscreen products to absorb ultraviolet radiation....

Authors: Atirada Boondech, Sunisa Sajaw

Abstract: The purification of rice varieties were tested by using molecular markers. DNA fingerprint is the most accurate method. This research was...

Authors: Chayada Klinchan, Rattiya Namngam, Anek Sitsongkham, Pitak Chuawong

Abstract: In this research, we reported the study and synthesis of naphthoquinones intermediate compounds lead to the target naphthoquinones...

Authors: Pek Lan Toh, Montha Meepripruk, Lee Sin Ang, Shukri Sulaiman, Mohamed Ismail Mohamed-Ibrahim

Abstract: The molecular structures and electronic properties of 7,8-Dichloro-4-Oxo-4H-Chromene-3-Carbaldehyde,...

Authors: Porntippa Pinyaphong, Pensiri Sriburee

Abstract: The objective of this research was to isolate bacteria able to utilize glycerol as carbon source and study the optimal condition of...

Authors: Anupan Kongbangkerd, Santi Watthana, Kanok Orn Srimuang

Abstract: In Vitro shoot culture of Bulbophyllum dhaninivatii Seidenf. was conducted on semi-solid Vacin and Went (1949) medium...

Authors: Ampa Jimtaisong, Nisakorn Saewan

Abstract: Inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) and Plai (Zingiber cassumunar) oil was prepared using a simple co-precipitation...


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