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Authors: Elsa Thomas Geethu, Kulbhushan Rai, S. Sithara
Abstract: In the past few years, the increase in the number of terrorist attacks has shown that the effect of blast loads on buildings is a serious...
Authors: Swethamol Shaji, Deepa Varghese
Abstract:For more than three decades, global attention and interest have grown in the application of steel plate walls for building lateral load...
Authors: Johnson George, N.I. Narayanan
Abstract:The columns are one of the main load bearing elements that are subjected to impact loads, mainly in the form of projectile impact, vehicle...
Authors: Ann Peter Minu, A.S. Sajith, Nagarajan Praveen
Abstract:Diagrid structures are exterior structures, consisting of diagonal struts and ties in the periphery and an interior core. These diagonal...
Authors: Ansal Manzur, N. Ganesan, Mathews Vinay
Abstract:Late completion of construction project compared to planned schedule is common in construction projects. Delays can create cost and time over...
Authors: Mobi Ria Mathews, Jerin M. George, Binu M. Issac, Deepa Davis
Abstract:Multi‐storied building construction is increasing rapidly throughout the world. Tall buildings more effectively utilize land compared to low...
Authors: Kumar S. Rajesh, Amiya K. Samanta, Dilip K. Singha Roy
Abstract:This investigation is focused on the physical and mechanical properties of Alccofine (AF) incorporating silica fume (SF) on M20 grade...
Authors: Stephy Sabu, T.P. Somasundaran
Abstract:Marine and offshore structures are constructed worldwide for various functions in a variety of water depths and environmental conditions like...
Authors: Elsa Alexander Anjana, R. Renjith, Binu M. Issac
Abstract:Structural design of high rise buildings is governed by lateral loads due to wind or earthquake. As the height of building increases, the...
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