Civil, Architectural, Structural and Constructional Engineering

Volume 858

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Pan Zhou, Ai Qun Li, Na Li, Jian Hui Li

Abstract: For the purpose of grasping the stress state, vibration characteristics and safety of the steel arch in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, which...

Authors: Jun Chao Ma, Cheng Bin Yang, Hong Ming Yu

Abstract: To solve the anti-float problems of underground buildings (structures) more economically, environmentally and effectively. The paper putted...

Authors: Yu Rong Ma, Xiao Bin Song, Tian Qi Xu, Lie Luo

Abstract: Bolted connections with slotted-in steel plates are commonly used to connect beams and columns in heavy timber structures. While due to the...

Authors: Ming Qian Wang, Xiao Bin Song, Xiang Lin Gu

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a numerical study on rotational behavior of bolted glulam beam-to-column connections. Since wood often...

Authors: Jian Yang, Shu Ting Liang, Xiao Jun Zhu, Dong Yue Wu, Guang Yun Wang

Abstract: Engineered cementitious composite (ECC) is a class of high performance cementitious composites with pseudo strain hardening behavior and...

Authors: Gang Tang, Xiong Hu, Wei Wang, Tian Hao Tang, Christophe Claramunt, Chuan Wu Chen

Abstract: It is necessary to analyze the strength of STS crane with static load for assessing the safety of the STS crane. A case study of a STS crane...

Authors: Ng Ling Ying Adeline, Wei Hui Hii

Abstract: The paper presents experimental investigations on cold-formed steel (CFS) wall plate system. The behavior and the modes of failure of the...

Authors: Hong Yu Zhou, Yi Bo Chen, Jun Chang Ci, Cong Kun Yang

Abstract: Based on the fatigue damage mechanism, fatigue life, stiffness degradation, crack width change, bending, shear fatigue properties and other...

Authors: Fathoni Usman, Nursimaa Banuar, Tri Basuki Kurniawan, Mohd Nadzari Ismail, Nor Azura Othman

Abstract: Construct a tunnel is a challenge to nature. It releases stress by drilling and sometimes blasting different rock formation. Once it is...


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