Temperature Control in an Annealing Furnace, Using the IMC Strategy


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In this paper, a solution for temperature control in a tunnel heat-treatment furnace, used in metallurgy, is presented. The mathematical model of the heating technological process associated to the furnace is expressed using a system of ordinary differential equations and it results through analytical modeling. Based on the determined mathematical model, a temperature control structure which uses the Internal Model Control strategy is proposed. In order to obtain the restrictive control performances imposed by the heat-treatment procedure, the proposed temperature control structure contains two controllers which are tuned using an iterative method and which are used alternatively for the temperature control. The simulations of the temperature control system are presented in a comparative manner, highlighting the main differences between the solution proposed in this paper and the cases of using a classical integer-order controller and a fractional-order controller.



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Adrian Olaru




V. Mureşan et al., "Temperature Control in an Annealing Furnace, Using the IMC Strategy", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 859, pp. 124-128, 2017

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December 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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