Advanced Research in Area of Materials, Aerospace, Robotics and Modern Manufacturing Systems

Volume 859

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marek Vagaš, Marek Sukop, Jozef Varga

Abstract: This paper describes design and implementation of remote lab with industrial robot accessible through the web based on Moodle portal, Easy...

Authors: Vladimír Baláž, Marek Vagaš, Mikuláš Hajduk

Abstract: This article presents the possibilities of education of teachers in secondary vocational schools in the field of robotics. It is possible to...

Authors: Cătălin Alexandru

Abstract: The paper shows the dynamic simulation in virtual environment of a dual-axis sun tracking mechanism with application in photovoltaic (PV)...

Authors: Radu Manescu, Ioan Valentin Sita, Petru Dobra

Abstract: Energy consumption awareness and reducing consumption are popular topics. Building energy consumption counts for almost a third of the...

Authors: Constantin Radu Mirescu, Gabriela Roșca

Abstract: The exact marker image was computed for various positions in the workspace and for each image was computed back the approximation of the...

Authors: Monica Cretan Stamate, Corneliu Munteanu, Magdalena Birsan, Ciprian Stamate

Abstract: IMAQ Vision includes a set of optimized functions for image processing (filtering and geometric transformations) and analysis of different...

Authors: Catalin Spulber, Octavia Borcan

Abstract: The aim of this paper was to assess the improvement which can be add to the surveillance process which is affected by transmission and...

Authors: Corina Monica Pop, Gheorghe Leonte Mogan

Abstract: Creating a special Web software application that will present the library services and resources requires special skills in the field of Web...

Authors: Adrian Mihail Stoica, Mihaela Raluca Stefanescu

Abstract: The paper presents a design methodology for the automatic flight control of a launch vehicle. In the proposed approach the controller has a...

Authors: Vlad Mureşan, Mihail Abrudean, Iulia Clitan, Mihaela Ligia Ungureşan, Tiberiu Coloşi

Abstract: In this paper, a solution for temperature control in a tunnel heat-treatment furnace, used in metallurgy, is presented. The mathematical...


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