Advanced Research in Area of Materials, Aerospace, Robotics and Modern Manufacturing Systems

Volume 859

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ilanthenral Kandasamy, Florentin Smarandache

Abstract: Double Refined Indeterminacy Neutrosophic Set (DRINS) is an inclusive case of the refined neutrosophic set, defined by Smarandache (2013),...

Authors: Horatiu Moga, Mircea Boscoianu, Delia Ungureanu, Florin Sandu, Răzvan Boboc

Abstract: This paper aims to analyze the resource management of a Network of Unmanned Systems (NUMS - sensor network system), using a BDI...

Authors: Adrian Olaru, Serban Olaru, Niculae Mihai, Liviu Ciupitu

Abstract: In the robotized production one of the more important think is to choose the optimal solution to use the robots with respect an objective...

Authors: Călin Ciprian Otel, Razvan Păcurar, Daniel Filip, Monica Steopan, Paul Frîncu

Abstract: This paper aims to provide the economic calculations that were made in order to make a comparison between the old technology used by a...

Authors: Dan Prodan, Anca Bucuresteanu, Tiberiu Dobrescu, Adrian Motomancea

Abstract: In this paper we make a comparison between the most common balancing systems used in heavy duty machine tools and especially in CNC type...

Authors: Iulia Clitan, Vlad Mureşan, Mihail Abrudean, Diana Monica Sas

Abstract: This paper deals with the optimization of the casted billet’s lengths, in the context of diverse received orders. Linear programming is used...

Authors: Diana Monica Sas, Iulia Clitan, Mihail Abrudean, Vlad Mureşan, Tiberiu Coloşi

Abstract: During the metallurgical process, per each charge, the raw material is continuous casted in order to obtain billets. The main goal of this...

Authors: Emilia Maria Campean, Călin Ciprian Otel, Emanuela Pop

Abstract: This paper aims documentary research of theoretical and experimental statistical process control in industrial engineering. The most...

Authors: Ivo Malakov, Velizar Zaharinov

Abstract: The paper presents a formulation of the problem for choosing an optimal size range of technical products and a mathematical model for...

Authors: Lyudmila Ivanova Baltova, Alexandar Kamenov Ichtev

Abstract: In this paper several optimization strategies for decision making in presence of uncertainties and discreet number of alternatives are...


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