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Authors: Gabriel Frumuşanu, Alexandru Epureanu
Chapter 4: Technological and Industrial Management
Abstract:Despite modern manufacturing processes are characterized by a continuously increasing accuracy, geometric deviations inherently appear on...
Authors: Laura Diana Cotoros, Anca Elena Stanciu
Chapter 5: Biomedical Engineering
Abstract:In order to work in proper conditions, the human body should be avoiding repeated physical actions in awkward positions, forceful exertions,...
Authors: Tadeusz Mikołajczyk, Marika Skornia, Ileana Ciobanu, Mihai Berteanu
Chapter 5: Biomedical Engineering
Abstract:Vision is one of the most important senses. As a result of different medical conditions and of changes occurring with age, vision may be...
Authors: Petre Lucian Seiciu, Ileana Ciobanu, Tadeusz Mikołajczyk, Andreea Georgiana Marin, Mihai Berteanu
Chapter 5: Biomedical Engineering
Abstract:Given the large variability of pathological gait and the high specificity of gait phenotypes, it is very difficult to design a gait...
Authors: Elena Lupeanu, Mihaela Elena Ulmeanu, Anca Iovita, Rodica Hnidei
Chapter 5: Biomedical Engineering
Abstract:The aim of this study is to assess functional status and prevalence of functional limitations/disabilities in aging, in order to identify...
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