Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Xia Zhang, Xin Chun Lu, Long Lu

Abstract: On the basis of theory research and transmission machinery robust optimal designing system, a new software RODS for structural parameters...

Authors: Jian Jun Yang, Bing Yang Wei, Xiao Zhong Deng, Zong De Fang

Abstract: Based on non-smooth impact theory, the dynamic model of spiral bevel gear is constructed by considering of input shaft angle excitation. The...

Authors: Ping Jiang, Guang Lei Liu, Rui Ting Zhang, Chong Qing Wang

Abstract: In order to precisely control the meshing performance of spiral bevel gear pair, this paper represents a quantitative evaluation method...

Authors: Yong Qin Wang, Fei Yu Wang, Yuan Xin Luo

Abstract: Dual-coiler is one of the most advanced coiling equipment designed for collecting strips in the rolling mill production line for the purpose...

Authors: Qi Fan

Abstract: Design and manufacturing of spiral bevel and hypoid gears is highly complicated and has to be based on the employment of computerized tools....

Authors: Bin Wu, Wan Kai Shi, Long Zhao, Ping Fu

Abstract: A complete numerical solution for the micro thermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) of planetary gearing in wind turbine gearbox is...

Authors: Xi Chuan Yuan, Hui Guo, Liang Yun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a method of heat transfer test research in aeroengine bearing chamber has been introduced. The method attains the law of heat...

Authors: Wei Qing Zhang, Xiao Dong Guo, Ming De Zhang

Abstract: The influencing factors of machining errors are analyzed aiming at the characteristics of the CNC spiral bevel gears grinding machine. The...

Authors: Wei Yang, Guo Dong Lu, He Sheng Lv

Abstract: Thermoelastic instability of multi-disc clutch contributes to the failure of power transmission and as such multi-disc clutch is considered...

Authors: Ning Li, Guang Tang, Ling He

Abstract: Design and test technologies for brush seal are summarized in this paper. Test process under static and dynamic states for brush seal is...


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