Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fa Jia Li, Ru Peng Zhu, He Yun Bao, Xiao Zhen Li

Abstract: The (4+N) DOFs (degrees of freedom) nonlinear dynamic model of the planetary gear transmission system has been established which...

Authors: Feng Xu, Wei He

Abstract: A procedure for the dynamic simulation analysis of the globoidal indexing cam mechanism is presented. Fist of all, the 3D model of globoidal...

Authors: Hui Tao Chen, Xiao Ling Wu, Da Tong Qin, Jun Yang, Zhi Gang Zhou

Abstract: The effects of gear manufacturing error on the dynamic characteristics of planetary gear transmission system of wind turbine are studied in...

Authors: Yong Ming Zhao, Guang Cheng Ge, Xian Xin Cai

Abstract: This paper investigates the effect of shot peened and overload on low cycle fatigue of simulated terminal gear specimen using experimental...

Authors: Bin Qiao, Lei Xiao, Feng Shang, Hua Qiang Li, Ting Liang Guo

Abstract: Copper-based antifriction materials were prepared by powder injection molding. The wear rate of the antifriction material and the coupled...

Authors: Qiang Li, Shu Qin Wu, Hong Bo Yan

Abstract: For a new type of bevel gear-logarithmic spiral bevel gear, which stress mechanical properties are studied during the meshing process....

Authors: Hui Zhang, Qian Tang, Yuan Xun Zhang

Abstract: Aimed at the problems of logarithmic spiral blade mixing unequally and square spiral blade discharging in slow speed, a new method for...

Authors: Wei Li

Abstract: Taking the strength analysis of the tail rotor transmission system for one type helicopter as an example, the implicit nonlinear finite...

Authors: Gang Jun Li

Abstract: The friction model with the effects of friction and transmission flexibility of harmonic drives system is used for adaptive impulse control...

Authors: Zhan Hui Feng, Ming Kang Gou, Shao Wu

Abstract: The pin-rack gearing is a particular type of cycloidal gearing which transforms a rotation motion to a linear one. Comparing with rack and...


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