Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Li, Li Li Yi, Shi Long Wang, Jie Zhou

Abstract: The motion relationship model of all axes involved in CNC hobbing machines is established. A single pitch adjustment method based on motion...

Authors: Zhen Hua Wan

Abstract: Typical flight states are the most important checking items during the helicopter flight-test. This article intends to illustrate the...

Authors: Chuan Xi Zhou, Qing Shi Huang, Feng Guan

Abstract: The straight push-rod linear reducer is a new kind of transmission installation, the rack is the key link of the mechanism. Here the author...

Authors: Jian Hua Guo, Hong Yuan Jiang, Dong Sheng Li

Abstract: Conformal mapping with complex function based on plane elasticity mechanics is an analytical method for resolving stress and displacement at...

Authors: Bernd Robert Höhn, K. Stahl, H.P. Otto, H. Bauhoffer

Abstract: Industrial robots with middle or high loads are currently driven by gearboxes with cycloidal shaped gear toothing. The Gear Research Center...

Authors: Zhong Hang Huang, Bo Tang

Abstract: For limited condition, the strain gauge was not fixed on the place of the maximum bending stress during the test of the face gear's bending...

Authors: Ming Ye, Yong Gang Liu, Hong Shu

Abstract: Mathematical representation of major parts of plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) such as engine, motor, batteries, automatic clutch and vehicle...

Authors: Fang Li Duan, He Bing Qiu, Ji Ming Yang, Cong Ying Wu

Abstract: Large-scale molecular dynamics simulations are performed to study the effect of atomic-scale surface roughness on nano-contact. The modeling...

Authors: Li Sheng Lin

Abstract: Tail Rotor Shaft (TRS) is a critical part in Helicopter Transmission System, and its loads are very complicated. This tail rotor shaft is...

Authors: Guo Xian Yang

Abstract: This article briefly introduces the structure of the tooth shape silence chain. The touch point of the roll pins separate when the chain...


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