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Authors: Liang Yuan Tan, Jian Bin Liu
Abstract:The scope, specifications, methods and requirements of behavior test on wind turbine gearboxes are elaborated and analyzed.
  | Authors: Lei Wang, Guang Liang Liu, Masanori Seki, Masahiro Fujii, Qian Li
Abstract:In order to investigate the influence of different shot peenings on the rolling contact fatigue life of case−hardened steel, the thrust type...
Authors: Rui Ting Tong, Geng Liu, Lan Liu, Shang Jun Ma
Abstract:A multiscale method coupled molecular dynamics simulation and finite element method is used to investigate two dimensional nanoscale sliding...
Authors: Zhi Gang Zhou, Da Tong Qin, Jun Yang, Hui Tao Chen
Abstract:The sparse least squares support vector machines (SL-SVM) is used to simulate wind speed of real wind field, and time-varying wind load...
Authors: Xue Mei Lei, Yu Zhu Ge, Yue Chun Zhang, Ping Liu
Abstract:Based on the analysis of application, this paper explains and enriches the design criteria of high-speed gear coupling. New design idea and...
Authors: Yan Hua Xue, Xiao Hong Li, Zhi Guang Wang, Jie Song
Abstract:The transmission system of warship’s gearbox is increasingly developing in the direction of high-speed, high-efficiency, heavy-load and...
Authors: Chuan Qiong Sun, Ai Hua Ren, Guo Xing Sun
Abstract:Taking case of 4500kN automatic multi-station cold forming machine clamp cam design, the mathematical model of motion curve with lowest...
Authors: Jian Luo, Fei Li, Ke Liang Xue, De Jia Liu, Hai Wei Zhang
Abstract:The welding technique is one of important technologies on the gear manufacturing process. The special welding temperature cycle is the basic...
Authors: Jeong Gil Kim, Geun Ho Lee, Young Jun Park, Yong Yun Nam, Tae Hyong Chong
Abstract:Most wind turbine gearboxes and pitch/yaw reducers consist of several planetary geartrains. Planetary geartrains allow gearboxes to be small,...
Authors: Huang Zuo, Yue Chun Zhang, Ping Liu, Wen Wang, Shun Xiong
Abstract:For reducing the development time and cost, determining the load of accelerated contact fatigue testing of a multi-case and multi-stage drive...
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