Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Yan Zheng, Ai Hua Ren, Chuan Qiong Sun, Guo Xing Sun

Abstract: Non-circular gear CVT in literature [1] is optimized to obtain transmission ratio of 5.988 theoretically. By joint use Mathcad and PRO/E, a...

Authors: Yan Zhong Wang, Yan Yan Chen, Xiao Han, Lin Feng Wu, Hong Zeng

Abstract: This paper had 3-dimensional models of a spiral bevel gear and a cutter in real size assembled in accordance with the milling process and...

Authors: Shi Long Wang, Yong Yang, Jie Zhou, Qiang Li, Shuai Yang, Ling Kang

Abstract: Research on the effect of main spindle deformation which is caused by hobbing force of gear hobbing machine is an important way to diminish...

Authors: Shun Xiong, Yue Chun Zhang, Ping Liu, Wen Wang, Huang Zuo

Abstract: A gearbox in concrete mixer truck was used as an example to study the effect of system deformation on the misalignment of gear mesh by...

Authors: Wei Cao, Rui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, CATIA was used to establish the parameterized model for gear driving system of reducer. The Assembly Design workbench was...

Authors: Chang Le Xiang, Ying Ying Zhang, Hui Liu, Meng Cui

Abstract: In order to be adapt to the increasingly large complex transmission modeling, this paper propose methods of building generalized modeling...

Authors: Kai Xu, Geng Liu, Xiao Zhong Deng, Jian Jun Yang, Jian Xin Su

Abstract: Planetary gear trains have many advantages in applications. In these advantages, quiet noise and slight vibration may be contribute to low...

Authors: Yu Mei Hu, De Shuang Xue, Yang Jun Pi

Abstract: This study addresses the effect of different friction coefficients on the stiffness excitation of gear using finite element technique....

Authors: Qing Qi Xiang, Min Li, Yue Chun Zhang, Hong Bo Zhou

Abstract: Analysis has been made on the structure of thrust collar adaptedin main wind turbine gearboxes and a new design method for the thrust collar...

Authors: Laurent Zamponi, Emmanuel Mermoz, Jean Marc Linares

Abstract: In trying to incessantly reduce gearboxes weight, designers can negatively impact the service reliability, particularly in the aeronautic...


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