Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Xia Chen, Shu Zhong Lin, Jing Zhong Xing, Yu Sheng Liu

Abstract: The displacement of tooth and the deformation of flexspline of harmonic drive in transmission state were studied by finite element model...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Zi Jun An, Zuo Mei Yang

Abstract: A torsional dynamic model of the cycloid ball planetary transmission system is established with considering the direction changing of...

Authors: Yang Yang, Jian Feng Huang, Da Tong Qin, Wen Hui Yang

Abstract: Aiming the vehicle ride performance, the process of driving mode-switch for a heavy hybrid power system and parameter changes among the...

Authors: Gang Li, Yu Sun

Abstract: This paper discusses dynamic behavior of a special transmission system—soft web winding system. Soft web such as film acts not only as the...

Authors: Jia Shun Guo, San Min Wang, Hai Xia Liu

Abstract: Transmission influences on the performance and the security of tilt-rotor directly. A transmission-wing coupling dynamic model including...

Authors: Teng Jiao Lin, Li Pan, Shi Jun Zhang

Abstract: When the multi-disk clutch is in disengaged operation, friction plates and mating plates may not separate absolutely, in order to avoid the...

Authors: Xiao Ying Shi

Abstract: Analyzed the topological graph based on the methods of functional fractionation, the new topological graph was established on this basis,...

Authors: Chao Ming He, Huan Li, Guo Sheng Fei, Sheng Jun Pang

Abstract: The metro train traction strategy primarily involves the optimization model of the energy consumption and the time. In this paper, how to...

Authors: Jia Xu Wang, Yan Feng Han, Guang Wu Zhou, Ke Xiao, Yi Qin, Song Wu

Abstract: By using ADINA’s fluid-structure interactions solver, 2-D numerical simulation for the lubrication performance of Concave-slab type water...

Authors: Li Ping Wang, Ying Qiang Xu, Yuan Yuan

Abstract: Shakedown analysis of gear contact is very important. Local coordinates are constructed on different meshing points because curvature of...


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