Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chan Il Park

Abstract: This work studied initial impact behavior of speed increasing helical gears with backlash and the change of mesh stiffness by torque...

Authors: Ke Xiao, Jia Xu Wang, Jin Ming Li, Ya Ming Zheng

Abstract: Elastomer is the key component of highly flexible coupling. Its structure, materials and manufacturing process determine the performance of...

Authors: Zi Xin Zhu, Jun Zhong Zheng, Dong Chen

Abstract: With the installation of finer oil filters in the lubrication system of aero-engine, the traditional wear analysis techniques such as...

Authors: Tie Wang, Hong Mei Li, Rui Liang Zhang, Zhi Fei Wu

Abstract: This paper put forward the rapid measure method of the gear contact fatigue stress value with a few gear samples, which can get the...

Authors: Cong Fang Hu, Yuan Qiang Tan

Abstract: An improved method to design equivalent load for multi-stage planetary was introduced in this paper on the basis of methodology for...

Authors: Jin Tao Liang, Sheng Dun Zhao, Yong Li Zhao, Zhen Yu Sun

Abstract: Screw press is a significant forging equipment, its most important advantage is exact energy control which ensures high process reliability...

Authors: Syuhei Kurokawa, Hiromitsu Kido, Tetsuya Taguchi, Tatsuki Okada, Osamu Ohnishi, Toshiro K. Doi

Abstract: Tooth root and bottom profiles of cylindrical gears affect bending fatigue life, but it is hard to measure them with conventional gear...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Hong Cai Wu, Hong Jie Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the case that the safety margin is a little higher using GB3480 to determine the gear root stress, a method which...

Authors: Ping Liu, Qing Pei Ou, Hong Bo Zhou, Min Li

Abstract: Non-contact seal assembly for high-speed shaft ends is introduced. Fluid dynamic calculations and analyses have been made with FLUENT...

Authors: Ming Feng, Guang Rong Yan

Abstract: As a novel power transmission component, the skewed–roller slipping clutch (SRSC) produces resisting torque depending on relative rotation...


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