Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Lin Huang, Yong Wang, Mao Lin Xu, Jun Gang Wang, Zhi Gang Luo

Abstract: According to the design theory of 3Z-II planet drive, this paper firstly design a transmission plan of a given example,then optimize the...

Authors: Bin Ouyang, Wen Qiang Ding

Abstract: Full scale sub-sample fatigue test of the mechanical components is direct relationship with the equalizing value of fatigue limit and the...

Authors: You Qiang Zhou, Gang Zeng, Chao Sun

Abstract: Planetary gear drive with minor teeth difference (zd≤8) is one of the advanced transmitting styles and could meet the requirement...

Authors: Li Dong Jiang, Bao Xing Liu, Zhen Rong Zhu, Ying Li Chen

Abstract: Study on the dynamic excitation is the basis of dynamic response analysis of gearbox. In the paper, the dynamic coupled model of the star...

Authors: Wei Zhen Liu, Wen Qiang Ding, Yong Hong Wang

Abstract: To raise the market competition ability of the civil helicopter, it is required to have high technical content in RMS including reliability,...

Authors: Shao Bo Lu, Yi Nong Li, Yi Liang Dong

Abstract: This paper presents a new correlated methodology for engineers to develop a specific vehicle-Unimog associated with a unique structure of...

Authors: Shu Ting Li

Abstract: This paper is a study on loaded gear contact analyses (LGCA) and strength calculations of trochoidal gear reducers (TGR). A two-dimensional...

Authors: Cheng Duan, Jie Gao, Yong Hong Wang, Yong Lin

Abstract: This paper summarizes the connotation, the work objective and the main work content of the ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) technology...

Authors: Xin Wang, Jin Bo Fu, Xun Min Yin

Abstract: The study on design and simulation of reduce vibration are carried out of the damp structure for the simulative experimental gear case to...

Authors: Yong Sheng Ai, Yong Hong Wang, Wei Zhen Liu

Abstract: According to the analysis on the vibration data of gear and bearing, which are collected during they failed on IGB and TGB bench test of...


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