Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guang Hao Dai, Ai Jun Zhao, Hai Fu Zhang, Chang Wei Gao

Abstract: The dynamic model of gear driving system is built using centralized mass method in this paper. On the base of frequency domain and time...

Authors: Feng Lian Ning

Abstract: In this paper, the failure of gearbox’s input pinion was introduced. According to gearbox structure, the factor of load-excursion was...

Authors: Cong Yang Zuo, Jin Zhou

Abstract: In a high-speed rotor system, vibration control is necessary to ensure steady operation of the system. Magnetic damper is one of the...

Authors: Tie Wang, Fu Qiang Zhao, Jun Shen

Abstract: For early failure problems, which are broken teeth of the first transmission driving gear in the test, this paper studies the problem in the...

Authors: Hua Feng Ding, Cai Chao Zhu, Huai Ju Liu

Abstract: Flyweight is an important part of CVT (continuously variable transmission), whose quality affects the regulating characteristics directly....

Authors: Bi Bo Fu, Zong De Fang

Abstract: Based on normal and defective gears of spiral bevel gear pair test, a study is represented to develop the performance of gear fault...

Authors: Rong Zhang, Jia Jun Yang

Abstract: In harmonic gear mechanism, flexspline’ stress state have a direct impact on selecting wave generator as middle flexible components, this...

Authors: Hong Qun Wang, Pei Qing Yu, De Jian Chen

Abstract: Technical actuality in magnetic transmission has been studied systematically. Through experiment and application for several years, the key...

Authors: Hong Mei Wu, Xin Yuan Yang, Yun Bo Shen

Abstract: Based on normal elasticity equation, this paper has developed the calculation formula of face gear’s contact strength, bend strength and...

Authors: Hui Duan Zhang, Jun Ling Sun

Abstract: The ball screw drive system is obtained widespread application in the modern machine. Along with the improving of feeding velocity and...


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