Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bernd Robert Höhn, Karsten Stahl, Christian Wirth

Abstract: At the FZG (Gear Research Centre, Munich, Germany) a research project was carried out to analyze the influence of the hypoid offset on the...

Authors: Hai Feng Li, Bi Bo Fu, Dan Fu

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of load sharing in planetary gear train, the design of planetary gear train was described briefly in this...

Authors: Xue Jiang, Ji Hua Bao, Yuan Zhang, Yan Yu

Abstract: For studying controlling tragedy of soft starter with disc brake, its working principle was analyzed, and system dynamics equation was...

Authors: Si Xing Liu, Xi Zhi Ma

Abstract: The dynamic coefficients are the essential parameters, which could be used to determine the critical rotational speed, an unbalance response...

Authors: Ying Wang, Hai Xia Liu, San Min Wang

Abstract: Combined gear drive is a common transmission form for high power drive systems. In order to study its behaviors of redundant drive, which...

Authors: Yan Ying Jiang, Zhen Rong Yang, Kai Hong Shi

Abstract: In order to improve the wear resistance of the sprag clutch under the work condition, the chemical vapor deposition technology is used on...

Authors: Hui Liu, Zhong Chang Cai, Chang Le Xiang, Ming Zheng Wang

Abstract: On the basis of lumped parameter model and the Lagrange method, the model of powertrain was built. Resonance vibration response and...

Authors: Quan Xian Wang, Wei Tang, Ning Jun Ye

Abstract: Proposed a design method of the geometrical dimensions of cone-shape end-face teeth of coupling flange, established an intensity check...

Authors: Li Yong Zhang, Chang Lu Wang, Zhong Ming Liu, Ming Lu, Ling Xian Meng, Yuan Guo Zhang, He Ping Zhang

Abstract: With advantages of high efficiency and stable quality, UV-LIGA technology is regarded as an important developmental direction of micro...

Authors: Guang Lei Liu, Rui Ting Zhang, Ning Zhao

Abstract: A method—characteristic parameters analysis (CPA) is put forward, which is used for quantitative analysis of contact pattern of spiral bevel...


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