Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Ying Jiang, Zhen Rong Yang, Jie Gao

Abstract: The overrunning clutch is one of the critical components that can engage and disengage according to the movement requirement of the power...

Authors: Joe Chen

Abstract: The significant gear fatigue bending life variation between the single directional versus bi-directional loading had been observed over the...

Authors: Dein Shaw, Jyun Yu Cai, Chien Ting Liu

Abstract: In this study, a new idea of wind powered air compression system is introduced. Present study relates to an air compression system having a...

Authors: Chao Lin, Yu Jie Hou, Qing Long Zeng, Hai Gong, Ling Nie, Hua Qiu

Abstract: Aiming at the complex design and analysis methods of noncircular bevel gear, combining the gear space engagement theory and the generating...

Authors: Mei Jun Liao, Xin Sheng Su, Zhen Rong Yang, Bo Yao

Abstract: According to analysis factors that influence the oil loss capability of main gearbox, this paper researches on weakness of the main gearbox...

Authors: Xiao Fang Yang, Zong De Fang, Bao Bin Wang, Jin Fu Du

Abstract: Torque-spilt transmissions are promising alternatives to the common herringbone gears for power-branching. A method was developed to analyze...

Authors: Hui Long, Jing Ze Wu, Andrew Firth

Abstract: The paper outlines challenges in improving wind turbine availability to reduce the cost of offshore wind energy. It reports the development...

Authors: Jing Ya Liu, Shigeki Matsumura, Bing Kui Chen, Haruo Houjoh

Abstract: In this paper, modulation sidebands about the tooth meshing frequency in a two stages planetary gear reducer vibration are investigated. The...

Authors: Ling Chen

Abstract: In this paper, industry CT scanner, scan principle and industry CT scan technology which apply in the measure and design in some complex box...

Authors: Guang Hao Dai, Chang Wei Gao, Yong Heng Liu

Abstract: Shock load spectrum of elastic support gearbox is confirmed by Federation Wehrmacht vessel construction rules BV0430/85 standard, and...


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