Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hua Wang, Yun Bo Shen, Ze Yong Yin, Jie Gao, Yan Ying Jiang

Abstract: Load sharing is one of the main factors that determine gear strength. In this paper, Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) and Loaded Tooth Contact...

Authors: Xue Song Du, Huai Ju Liu, Cai Chao Zhu, Hua Feng Ding

Abstract: Regulating line with the optimum fuel economy performance is investigated based on the universal characteristic map of the engine equipped...

Authors: Ji Qang Li, Zhong Ming Liu, He Ping Zhang, Ling Xian Meng, Li Yong Zhang, Zheng Bing Wang

Abstract: Profiles of non-circular gears and equivalent gears are compared in this paper, and profile differences are specifically investigated. Based...

Authors: Su Ning Zhang, Wen Qiang Ding, Yong Hong Wang

Abstract: Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) is designed for improving airworthiness, reliability and effective maintenance management of...

Authors: J. Zhang, B. A. Shaw

Abstract: The contact fatigue performance of two pairs of case carburised gears with either an as-ground or superfinished surface finish was studied....

Authors: Ya Ping Zhao, Tian Chao Wu

Abstract: The double-point downhill secant method (the DPDS method) is proposed to solve the nonlinear equations to determine the curvature...

Authors: Chao Lin, Song Song Yu, Kai Cheng, Gui Bao Tao

Abstract: On the basis of geometrical characteristic of the mirco/nano-transmission platform(MNTP), its kinematics model and input/output motion are...

Authors: Shang Jun Ma, Geng Liu, Jian Xing Zhou, Rui Ting Tong

Abstract: Based on the meshing principle of Planetary Roller Screw (PRS), the meshing clearance of screw pair is minimized by taking the half of...

Authors: Ke Feng Li, Tian Hui Xia

Abstract: The helicopter tail drive shafts are designed by using aluminum alloy conventionally. The composite materials have the advantages of high...

Authors: Ya Li Yi, Zi Jun An

Abstract: The structure and drive principle of rolling swing movable teeth transmission was introduced. The theoretical and actual profile of central...


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