Advances in Power Transmission Science and Technology

Volume 86

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yu Gu, Philippe Velex

Abstract: A non-linear dynamic model of planetary gears is presented which accounts for planet position errors, time-varying non-linear mesh stiffness...

Authors: Jun Gang Wang, Yong Wang, Yan Tao An, Qi Lin Huang

Abstract: This paper takes a helical gear shaft as research subject and discusses the main structural parameters to see how it would affect natural...

Authors: Yong Jun Wu, Jian Jun Wang, Qin Kai Han

Abstract: A precise approach for the tooth profile modification (TPM) of helical gear is presented in the paper based on the static contact finite...

Authors: Jian Wu Liu, Shuai Wang, Yong Hong Wang

Abstract: This paper states evaluative methods of technology readiness which are used in the national background projects development. The methods...

Authors: Hong Mei Gao, Yang Liu, Yuan Chen, Shi Jun Liu

Abstract: This article introduced the current development situation and prospect of circular-arc gear in China from the following aspects: theory of...

Authors: Qiang Li, Zi Liang Wei, Hong Bo Yan

Abstract: In this article it constructs tooth surface equation of a new type of bevel gear which is logarithmic spiral bevel gear by the tooth trace...

Authors: Ji Song Jiao, Xue Mei Cao

Abstract: In order to reduce the sensitivity of straight bevel gear drives to misalignment, a new geometry of such gear drives is proposed in...

Authors: Long Lu, Ming Hao Ren, Tao Jiang

Abstract: 40Cr steel substrate was coated with TiAlN/TiN films by multi-arc ion technology. The effect of technical elements on the surface and micro...

Authors: Yun Bo Shen, Jie Gao, Wen Qiang Ding

Abstract: Bending stress is a principal factor that defines the fatigue life of face gear. A new tooth surface structure with circular arc of fillet...

Authors: Li Feng Chen, Xiao Ling Wu, Da Tong Qin, Ze Jun Wen

Abstract: Their high-power-density design combined with their limited space make planetary gear trains often high power losses difficult to dissipate...


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