Buildings and Environment - Energy Performance, Smart Materials and Buildings

Volume 861

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Boris Bielek, Daniel Szabó, Dagmara Čeheľová

Abstract: Originally open balconies and loggias of high-rise residential building showed a significant aerodynamic load - discomfort for users....

Authors: Dominik Dubecký, Matej Špak, Mária Kozlovská

Abstract: In the present, global production of magnesium oxide (MgO) boards comes exclusively from China. However, Slovakia is one of the leading...

Authors: Marian Flimel

Abstract: This contribution is dedicated to an alternative solution of wooden window structure in order to achieve better thermal properties. The...

Authors: Valeria Gregorova, Stanislav Uncik

Abstract: In this paper, the lightweight concrete made from polystyrene and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) waste was studied. EVA waste from footwear...

Authors: Jakub Hodul, Jana Hodná, Rostislav Drochytka

Abstract: Epoxy coatings are used mainly in the construction especially where it is necessary to increase the resistance of concrete floors against...

Authors: Jitka Hroudová, Martin Sedlmajer, Jiří Zach, Magdaléna Kociánová

Abstract: The development of lightweight thermal insulation plasters containing alternative binders as a partial cement substitute opens the...

Authors: Štěpán Karlík, Miloš Lavický, Jan Pěnčík

Abstract: Properties of building materials used for the construction of surrounding structures significantly contribute to creating a healthy and...

Authors: Miloš Lavický, Jan Pěnčík, Štěpán Karlík

Abstract: The prefabricated roller blind lintels have become common solution, particularly for the single-leaf masonry structures without external...

Authors: Miroslav Lunak, Ivo Kusak

Abstract: Slag mortars belong to the new promising alternative construction materials. Conventional cementitious materials are harder to measure by...


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