Advanced Materials, Mechanics and Structural Engineering

Volume 863

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Koo Kil No, Joon Tae Yoo, Jong Hoon Yoon, Ho Sung Lee

Abstract: Aluminum alloy 2219 is widely used in aerospace applications since it has a unique combination of good weldability and high specific...

Authors: Yu Chen Guo, Hui Qing Fan, Jing Shi

Abstract: The perovskite oxide Bi0.5Na0.5MnxTi1-xO3,...

Authors: Chyung Ay, Sun Wei Fong, Maw Tien Lee

Abstract: The greenhouse is widely used in agriculture, and its covering material is one of the most important factors that affect its performance. In...

Authors: Jing Li Gao, Ying Hui Han, Yu Juan Li, Xiao Hong Zhang

Abstract: Photocatalytic degradation kinetics of methylene blue in aqueous solution was systematically investigated using Ti-based composite material...

Authors: Ming Zhou Su, Hui Meng Wang, Chang Chen

Abstract: Porous irons with only micropores were produced through powder metallurgy route. Corn starch of small particle size (5-15μm) was utilized to...

Authors: Rui He, Li Hui Zhang, Ru Hui Guo, Zhen Fa Liu

Abstract: LiNi1/3Co1/3Mn1/3O2 was prepared by high temperature solid-state method under different...

Authors: Izumi Harano, Chigusa Okano, Yuriko Takayama, Eri Nasuno, Ken-ichi Iimura, Norihiro Kato

Abstract: An assembly of diacetylene molecules is necessary to progress a topochemical reaction as UV-irradiated polymerization. In this study, we...

Authors: Hai Yang He, Ji Wei Cai, Ai Qin Wang, Yu Hong Zhang, Cheng Zhi Zhang

Abstract: The advantages of aluminum alloy are found expression in lightweight and high strength, while bamboo features in density and thermal...

Authors: Gulzhan E. Abdraliyeva, N.A. Bektenov, N.A. Samoilov, A.K. Baidullaeva

Abstract: А new polyethyleneimine sulfur-containig exchanger network structure with static exchange capacity of 0.1 N solution of HCl 4.7 mEq/g was...


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