Study on Compressive Strength of Bamboo-Aluminum Composite


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The advantages of aluminum alloy are found expression in lightweight and high strength, while bamboo features in density and thermal insulation. It’s necessary to explore composition effect of bamboo-aluminum composite. Specimens were prepared by filling aluminum alloy hollow profile with bamboo blocks, and then stress-time curves were collected in process of compression. Its ultimate strength reached 56 MPa, and residual strength is about 40% of its ultimate strength. The bamboo-aluminum composite has good mechanical properties and reliability for structural components and is worthy of wide applications.



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Seungho Hong




H. Y. He et al., "Study on Compressive Strength of Bamboo-Aluminum Composite", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 863, pp. 44-47, 2017

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February 2017




* - Corresponding Author

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