Technological Advancements in Materials and Manufacturing for Industrial Environment

Volume 867

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L. Avinash, Hemanth Kumar, Adithya Parthasarathy, K.N. Varun Kumar, Basavaraj Sajjan

Abstract: In this investigation, A357 (Al-7.5%Si-0.5%Mg) alloy/Al2O3 composites with various weight fractions (4%, 8%, 10%) were...

Authors: Basavaraj Sajjan, L. Avinash, S. Varun, K.N. Varun Kumar, Adithya Parthasarathy

Abstract: The aim is to study the mechanical property and dry sliding wear behaviour of Al7068/graphite composite with various weight fractions (5%,...

Authors: J. Lakshmipathy, Subburaj Rajesh Kannan, K. Manisekar, S. Vinoth Kumar

Abstract: In this article, an attempt was made to study the mechanical behaviour of AA7068 - 6 vol. % of MoS2 - X vol. % of WC (X = 0, 5,...

Authors: A. Saravana Kumar, P. Maivizhi Selvi, L. Rajeshkumar

Abstract: Natural fiber composites are presently replacing the synthetic fiber in many fields. The present research work study is an attempt to...

Authors: Adithya Parthasarathy, L. Avinash, K.N. Varun Kumar, Basavaraj Sajjan, S. Varun

Abstract: Production of A6063/SiC composite with various weight fractions (3%, 6%, 9%) were prepared by using permanent mould casting was...

Authors: Chitra Umachitra, N.K. Palaniswamy, O.L. Shanmugasundaram, P.S. Sampath

Abstract: Natural fibers have been used to reinforce materials in many composite structures. Many types of natural fibers have been investigated...

Authors: S. Benjamin Lazarus, E. Jamuna, Sivam Duraisivam, M. Ravisankar

Abstract: Polymer matrix composites are widely applied for the manufacturing of components employed in hostile environments to increase the service...

Authors: S. Ragunath, R. Gokulan, K. Letcham

Abstract: The aim of this investigation is to study the use of the water soluble polyethylene glycol as self-curing agent. The function of self-curing...

Authors: N. Nagendran, N. Gayathri, V.K. Shanmuganathan, S. Praveen

Abstract: Conventional casting process cannot produce parts as strong as forged parts. Also there are chances of many casting defects such as...


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