Physical Modeling for Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Processes

Volume 869

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Bo Zhang, Herbert M. Urbassek

Abstract: We compare the performance of three interatomic interaction potentials for describing the evolution of plasticity and phase transformations...

Authors: Jonas Lukasczyk, Garrett Aldrich, Michael Steptoe, Guillaume Favelier, Charles Gueunet, Julien Tierny, Ross Maciejewski, Bernd Hamann, Heike Leitte

Abstract: We present a methodology to analyze and visualize an ensemble of finite pointset method (FPM) simulations that model the viscous fingering...

Authors: Anthony Beaucamp

Abstract: Materials such as binderless tungsten carbide and silicon carbide have become ubiquitous in the fabrication of high-performance tooling and...

Authors: Alexander Schlüter, Charlotte Kuhn, Timo Noll, Felix Diewald, Ralf Müller

Abstract: This work discusses the efficiency of six strategies for the numerical solution of the coupled system of partial differential equations that...

Authors: Matthias Sabel, Christian Sator, Ralf Müller, Benjamin Kirsch

Abstract: The formation of chips in cutting processes is characterised by large deformations and large configurational changes and therefore...

Authors: Dinesh Setti, Benjamin Kirsch, Jan Christian Aurich

Abstract: Visualization of work surface topography through simulations is very challenging task in grinding process due to the complexity of...

Authors: Arash Gobal, Bahram Ravani

Abstract: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) has recently become one of the fastest growing additive manufacturing processes due to its capability of...

Authors: Martin P. Lautenschlaeger, Simon Stephan, Herbert M. Urbassek, Benjamin Kirsch, Jan Christian Aurich, Martin Thomas Horsch, Hans Hasse

Abstract: Physical phenomena in a nanometric machining process were studied by molecular dynamics simulations. A cylindrical tool was indented and...

Authors: José L. York Duran, Charlotte Kuhn, Ralf Müller

Abstract: On the macrolevel metal matrix composites (MMCs) resemble a homogeneous material. However, on the microlevel they have an inhomogeneous...


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