Applied Mechanics and Manufacturing Technology

Volume 87

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Zheng, Xin Bao, Fang Cui

Abstract: The thermal deformation error that is the biggest error of effecting the machining precision of Direct-drive A/C Bi-rotary Milling Head was...

Authors: Sujan Debnath, Muhammad Ekhlasur Rahman, Woldemichael Dereje Engida, M. V. V. Murthy, K.N. Seetharamu

Abstract: An interfacial shearing and peeling stress model is proposed to account for different uniform temperatures and thickness wise linear...

Authors: Fu An Hua, Jian Ping Li, Wu Di, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: A viscoplastic self consistent model was developed using a rate sensitive constitutive relation, isotropic hardening law, and considering...

Authors: Yao Hui Chen, Bao Chun Fan, Zhi Hua Chen

Abstract: Experiments study the Hydrofoil Lift Characteristic under the Action of Lorentz Force. With the streamwise wall-parallel Lorentz force...

Authors: Potejanasak Potejana, Chakthong Thongchattu

Abstract: This research proposes a new application of 3-axis CNC milling machine for polishing the 60 HRC hardness steels. The rotary polishing tools...

Authors: Ya Shu Liu, Ai Jun Zhang, Yun Feng He

Abstract: According to particularity of pressure measurement about underwater gun, this paper expounds the advantages of strain sensor, and designs a...

Authors: A. Phukaoluan, Anak Khantachawana, Pongpan Kaewtathip, Surachai Dechkunakorn, N. Anuwongnukroh, P. Santiwong, Julathep Kajornchaiyakul

Abstract: This study aims to investigate mechanical properties and transformation behavior of TiNiCu shape memory alloys to obtain optimal conditions...

Authors: Wei Li Zhao, Zhi Guo Zhang, Zhi Jun Zhang

Abstract: Ant-based clustering is a heuristic clustering method that draws its inspiration from the behavior of ants in nature. We revisit these...

Authors: Amiri Asfarjani Alireza, Adibnazari Sayid, Reza Kashyzadeh Kazem

Abstract: Fibrous composites are finding more and more applications in aerospace, automotive, and naval industries. They have high stiffness and...

Authors: Toms Torims, Andris Ratkus, Janis Vilcāns, Marcis Zarins, Aldis Rusa

Abstract: The aim of this article is to outline the progress of research into how to develop economically and scientifically justified backhoe bucket...


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