Applied Mechanics and Manufacturing Technology

Volume 87

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Niwat Anuwongnukroh, Surachai Dechkunakorn, Chanjira Sinthanayothin, Lada Shinawatra

Abstract: Objective: The aim of the study was to compare the manual tracing of lateral cephalometric radiographs with the use of cephalometric...

Authors: M.N. Islam

Abstract: This paper presents the experimental and analytical results of the effect that the amount of cutting fluid has on the surface finish of...

Authors: Chun Yu Ren

Abstract: The paper is focused on the Min-Max Vehicle Routing Problem. And solve this type of problems utilizing improved tabu search algorithm from...

Authors: Ho Sung Lee, Jong Hoon Yoon, Joon Tae Yoo

Abstract: The objective of this study is to manufacture aerospace components with diffusion bonding technology. Examples produced with this technology...

Authors: Tadahiro Wada, Koji Iwamoto, Keizo Tsukamoto, Kazuki Hiro

Abstract: Various methods of surface modification technology are available for yielding high function characteristics such as wear-resistance, lower...

Authors: Ai Jun Zhang, Xiao Lin Cheng, Wen Song Pan

Abstract: Pointed at low precision of great object’s moment of inertia, high-precision moment of inertia testing system is developed. Comparing with...

Authors: Wei Dong Song, Jian Guo Ning, Xiao Nan Mao

Abstract: The high-temperature mechanical behavior of TiC particulate-reinforced titanium matrix composites was investigated at elevated strain rates....

Authors: Jing Shu Wang, Li Ting Sun, Ming Chi Feng, Chang An Zhu

Abstract: Base on the significance of understanding research objects, modeling and validation of ultra precision positioning system is studied in this...

Authors: Emad Toma Karash

Abstract: In this work the variant of calculation of two coaxial shells of rotation in the form of sphere from a material is offered, corresponding...

Authors: Yue Shun He, Xiang Li

Abstract: Ant colony algorithm is a new evolutionary algorithm, Ant colony algorithm is widely used to solve combinatorial optimization problems, But...


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