Measurement Technology and Intelligent Instruments XII

Volume 870

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ho Lin Tsay, Po Han Huang, Kun Huan Wu, Ting Ming Huang

Abstract: A simple on-site transmittance measurement setup that is easy to move and install is proposed in this study. It is especially suitable for...

Authors: You Shen Lin, Ming Hung Chiu

Abstract: We propose a new approach for determining the distribution of full-field refractive index based on the angle deviation method (ADM) with a...

Authors: Dong Mei Guo, Hai Qing Jiang

Abstract: Self-mixing interference (SMI) was used to measure the displacement with a resolution of λ/2 by counting the interference signal peaks. In...

Authors: Shih Chung Wei, Pei Tung Yang, Frank X. Gu, Kung Bin Sung, Chii Wann Lin

Abstract: We demonstrated a scanning radially-polarized surface plasmon microscopy (SSPM) with submicron lateral resolution and high refractive index...

Authors: Li Min Zou, Meng Jiao Zhou, Bao Kai Wang, Xue Mei Ding

Abstract: In this paper, a non-mechanical axial zoom scanning method based on a phase only liquid crystal spatial light modulator is proposed. This...

Authors: Evgeny V. Sysoev, Yuri V. Chugui, Rodion V. Kulikov, Ignat A. Vykhristyuk, Liang Chia Chen, Hoang Hong Hai, Kuang Chao Fan

Abstract: As is well known, the phase-shifting interferometry techniques allow to reach longitudinal resolution to ~ 0.1 nm, but the value of lateral...

Authors: Yuri V. Chugui

Abstract: Modern industry and science take novel 3D optical measuring systems and laser technologies with high resolution. For solving their actual...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Hai Huan, Dong Dong Xu, Ling Xiao Huang, Song Lu

Abstract: The self-mixing interference (SMI) effect with multiway feedback is analyzed in this paper. The basic theory of SMI with multiway feedback...

Authors: Hsiao Wei Liu, Chin Sheng Chen

Abstract: Integrated-Circuit (IC) test probes have been designed variously and manufactured flexibly cause of diverse IC packaged forms. To...


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