Applied Engineering, Materials and Mechanics

Volume 872

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Gao Cai, Ying Hong Dong

Abstract: Set the Refractive Indexes of the One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals (1-D Pcs) were n2 and n3, Keeping...

Authors: Yuan Ren, Wen Tao Wang, Xin Qiang Ma, Wei Cheng

Abstract: Fe62 alloy coating was fabricated on the surface of #45 steel cutting edges with 2kW all-solid-state laser and powder feeding device. The...

Authors: Lu Yang Ren, Mohsen Masoumi, Henry Hu

Abstract: Metallographic analyses on microstructure of squeeze cast magnesium alloy AM50 with different levels of calcium addition are performed via...

Authors: Zong Chao Geng, Shang Gao, Ren Ke Kang, Zhi Gang Dong

Abstract: Quartz glass is a typical hard and brittle material. During the manufacturing process of quartz glass components, ultra-precision grinding...

Authors: Chang Yan, Xu Ding Song, Shuo Feng

Abstract: Aluminum foam sandwich structure is a new type of composite material with excellent mechanical and functional properties. As it is known...

Authors: Meng Han Wang, Kang Wei, Xiao Juan Li

Abstract: The hot compressive deformation behaviors of ZHMn34-2-2-1 manganese brass are investigated on Thermecmastor-Z thermal simulator over wide...

Authors: Lin Xu, Si Yang Li, Ming Biao Xu

Abstract: Understanding inner corrosion property of casing steel is fundamental to safe and economic exploitation of oil & gas. In this present...

Authors: Xin Huang, Qian Bai, Yong Tao Li, Bi Zhang

Abstract: Surface finish plays a critical role in functional performance of machined components. This study investigates machining finish of Ti-6Al-4V...

Authors: Jun Xu, Xiang Long Zhu, Ren Ke Kang, Guo Lin Yang, Dong Ming Guo, Zhi Gang Dong

Abstract: Carbon fiber/epoxy resin composites (C/E composites) are wildly used in manufacture of aircraft fuselages and wings in aerospace industry,...


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