Analysis of Primary Short Circuited Melted Mark Evidence Identification in Electrical Fire Case


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Regardless of fire heat or short circuit high temperature melting, the residual traces which represent the environmental characteristics can be found in copper and aluminum wires. The primary short circuited melted mark identification must be scientific and objective for physical evidence of the electricity fire during detecting, and the conclusions are related to the fire survey process. Currently, identification method of electricity fire, including macroscopic method and metallographic method, is very general and lacking of standard reference map and detailed description. According to the macro and micro characteristics and formation mechanism of various fire wire melted marks and the characteristics of metallographic organization of primary short circuited melted mark, two actual cases were analyzed in detail so as to distinguish the relationship between the melting reason and fire cause and to confirm that these two fires are caused by primary short circuit.



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Prof. Dongyan Shi




E. X. Li et al., "Analysis of Primary Short Circuited Melted Mark Evidence Identification in Electrical Fire Case", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 876, pp. 161-165, 2018

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February 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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