Distribution of Residue Carbofuran and Glyphosate in Soil and Rice Grain


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The distribution of residual pesticides in soil and rice grain was studied in rice farming area covered in Samchuk district, Suphanburi province, Thailand. The 19 samples of soil and rice grain were collected by random sampling in 2015 covered 7 sub-districts. The residual carbofuran and glyphosate in soil and rice grain was quantitative determined based on standard method. It was found that the concentration of carbofuran was found in the range of ND-0.0512 µg/kg and ND-0.0865 µg/kg for soil and rice grain, respectively. Glyphosate was found in the range of ND-0.2632 µg/kg and ND-0.2244 µg/kg for soil and rice grain, respectively. The residual levels of carbofuran and glyphosate in soil and rice grain depended on a spray period time, their decomposition and their concentration usage. The residual levels of carbofuran and glyphosate did not significantly quantitative correlation between soil and rice grain for this study area.



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Dr. Noppakun Sanpo, Dr. Jirasak Tharajak and Dr. Paisan Kanthang




W. Chansuvarn and S. Chansuvarn, "Distribution of Residue Carbofuran and Glyphosate in Soil and Rice Grain", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 879, pp. 118-124, 2018

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March 2018




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