Investigations on Luminescence Properties of Ce3+ Ion Doped Bismuth Borophosphate Glasses


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Bismuth borophosphate glasses containing different doping cerium oxide have been synthesized at 1200 °C by melt-quenching technique. The doping concentration of the Ce3+ was varied from 0.05 mol% to 2.0 mol%. The glass samples were characterized through optical absorption and luminescence spectral measurements. UV-visible and near infrared absorption spectra of glass samples were not observed nevertheless the absorption edge was shift to the longer wavelength. The photoluminescence and radioluminescence spectra show emission bands around 367 nm under 317 nm excitation wavelength. Also, the highest emission intensity was found at 0.5 mol% CeF3 dopant for both of photoluminescence and radioluminescence.



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Dr. Noppakun Sanpo, Dr. Jirasak Tharajak and Dr. Paisan Kanthang




N. Chanthima et al., "Investigations on Luminescence Properties of Ce3+ Ion Doped Bismuth Borophosphate Glasses", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 879, pp. 22-26, 2018

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March 2018




* - Corresponding Author

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