Innovation for Sustainable Development

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Authors: Papatsorn Singhatham, Niphaporn Panya, Chompoonut Chaitep, Rinwadee Kaewlai
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to develop a web application for Cooperative Education. The solutions are to help, guides and gives information for a decision before employability in a Cooperative Education project. The system function helps the student to search an establishment by various criteria, such as area, comfort, welfare, and career or open position, etc. In the testing process, the researchers transferred the Cooperative Education training data to the web database. The data recorded was historical data for 6 academic years, since 2010-2016. In addition, the system allows teachers and students to access, comment and rate their satisfaction. Tools used for data storage and user interface web design was Joomla technology. The database was developed with PHP and handle the administration of MySQL by phpMyAdmin. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of web application for the helper and guide system. A survey was conducted on third-year Cooperative Education students with 30 participants. In addition, we invited the specialist who has the experience in the Cooperative Education to evaluate the web application content and performance. The result shows that this system works properly within the defined scope. The satisfaction result was high (4.20). In summary, the system can work effectively.

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