Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation

Volumes 88-89

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Jun Zhao, Mei Lu, Hong Xin Zhang

Abstract: A coupling method of surface patch reconstruction based on T-splines is presented. The iteration T-splines reconstruction method is employed...

Authors: Juan Juan Song, Li Tu

Abstract: The present paper discussed the best initial concentration ,PH value and temperature and other factors on adsorption of Fe3+ ions...

Authors: Cheng Fu Wang, Xiao Dong Shi

Abstract: The fine dust PM2.5 can suspend in the air for a long period, penetrate human body's defense system, and deposit directly into the alveoli,...

Authors: Li Guo, Yu Jing Liu

Abstract: To study the properties of the generalized Drazin inverse in a Banach algebra, an explicit representation of the generalized Drazin inverse...

Authors: Xiao Chuang Tao, Chen Lu

Abstract: Along with the constantly updated aircraft structure design, higher performance and reliability design indexes as well as usage of a large...

Authors: Vadim Seleznev, Vladimir Kiselev, Sergey Pryalov

Abstract: The article describes algorithm for optimization of discrepancies in natural gas supply to consumers. Numerical monitoring makes it possible...

Authors: Yang Zhao, Jian Hui Zhao, Jing Huang, Shi Zhong Han, Cheng Jiang Long, Zhi Yong Yuan, Deng Yi Zhang

Abstract: Fire detection has long been an important research topic in image processing and pattern recognition, while smoke is a vital indication of...

Authors: Feng Ye, Zhong Ming Wang

Abstract: A pressure sensor used in the Common Rail System is designed to monitor the oil pressure changing form 0 to 200MPa in the temperature from...

Authors: Wen Xian Tang, Cheng Cheng, Yun Di Cai, Fei Wang

Abstract: According to the design procedure of wind turbine blade, a design method that can make CAD software joint used was brought up. Wilson method...


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